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A nuclear Iran will make the world a more dangerous place

We ordinary citizens generally understand that in any bilateral negotiations there are issues of national import that are best kept private so as not to upset delicate talks. But in these matters it is understood that the negotiating parties abstain from making provocative statements that may prejudge the outcome of an agreement.

Why then should we feel apprehensive about the new deal with Iran concerning nuclear proliferation?

Last week in a nationally televised speech before a crowd of followers, and reported in the international media, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei laid out his demands for a deal on Iran’s nuclear programme. If the Supreme Leader’s ultimatums are accepted, there is a very real danger that the final deal will leave a nuclear weapon within the grasp of the world’s largest state sponsor of terror and put the Middle East on a path to war.

Khamenei has demanded that the final deal include:

The immediate lifting of all sanctions, before any verification of whether Iran is sticking

to provisions

No extra inspections or monitoring

No access to military areas of potential nuclear work

Iran “forcefully” continuing enrichment research

Surely these destroy the central promise of the nuclear talks — that a deal could be verifiable and cut off Iran’s pathway to a nuclear bomb. A deal that follows these provisions would put the world CLOSER to war as it promotes a rush by other Middle Eastern countries to get nuclear weapons to stand up to an aggressive, nuclear Iran.



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