A response to biased reporting against Woolworths

The media feeding frenzy at the expense of Woolworths (Cape Times November 19 2014) at the instigation of the BDS campaign conjures up a pack of opportunistic scavengers attacking a helpless victim, and does no credit to professional journalism.

In giving front page exposure to what is transparently a ploy where a minority sets itself up to represent a majority could be deemed mischievous.

The SAPA report mentions five “representatives” of concerned groups. A closer examination reveals that these “representatives” are very thin on the ground and in reality represent nobody of significance. To give them credence via a front page report is a travesty of fair reporting.

Nadia Hassan purportedly represents a “group” of businessmen owning Woolworths shares, and an unnamed activist is depicted as representing a Jewish shareholder. Who are these shareholders and how large are their groups?

Then there is Marthie Momberg, a well-known anti-Israel polemicist and Patrick Craven, a fisher in troubled waters, in order to promote his own agenda.

Finally, that well known Woolworths shopper and head of BDS, Muhammed Desai. I have seen photographs of Mohammed taking his turn in the queue with a trolley-load of Woolworths goodies.

How can anyone take these hypocrites seriously, let alone give them pride of place in a reputable newspaper?


Rodney Mazinter

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