A word of advice, Mr Monsour…

The Blame for the heavy loss of civilian life should fall squarely on Hamas, writes Hila Zetler

On Monday, the Palestinian representative to the UN, Riyad Mansour announced that the Palestinians have reached a consensus to join the ICC with the hope of using this status to seek justice for Israel’s alleged crimes.

It begs belief how the Palestinian Authority, an organisation that praises terrorists, encourages violence and glorifies murderers, has the audacity to accuse the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) – the most moral army in the world – of war crimes. In all its confrontations with the Palestinians the IDF has demonstrated remarkable restraint in order to avoid civilian casualties.

The blame for the heavy loss of civilian life in Gaza should fall squarely on Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group, who launched thousands of rockets from mosques, school yards and residential areas.

I would also recommend that Mr. Mansour first seek some proper legal advice before wasting his time trying to lay charges of war crimes against Israel at the ICC.

If he did, he would have realised that the ICC can only exercise jurisdiction over countries that are members of the Rome Statue – which Israel is not.

And even if a country is a member of the Rome Statue, the ICC will only exercise its jurisdiction when the national courts of that member country are unwilling or unable to prosecute the criminals themselves. Mr. Mansour; The State of Israel is a democracy that respects the rule of law and upholds the highest level of human rights.

If tomorrow Hamas, Hizbullah and other enemies of Israel dropped their weapons, peace would break out; if tomorrow Israel dropped its weapons, a genocide would break out.

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