About Us

The South African Zionist Federation is a constituent body of the World Zionist Organisation; and the representative in South Africa of the World Zionist Organisation.

The SAZF looks after matters relating to Israel and its image in South Africa. As advocates for Israel in this country our mission is to build strong support and love for the Land and State of Israel. This support remains powerful among the SA Jewish community, and millions outside the community. We work pro-actively to reduce the amount of anti-Israel sentiment in South African political, religious and cultural communities through education, advocacy and lobbying.

The SAZF acts on behalf of the South African Jewish Community in all matters relating to Israel; and is the umbrella organisation responsible for all aspects of Zionist activity in South Africa.

SAZF (Cape Council) Mancom and Affiliates 2018


HON. LIFE PRESIDENT: Adv. Johnathan Silke

CHAIRMAN: Mrs Esta Levitas

PAST CHAIRMAN: Mr Rowan Polovin

VICE CHAIRMAN: Mr Rodney Mazinter

TREASURER: Mr Victor Boyd

CO-OPTEE: Mr Ben Levitas

CO-OPTEE: Mrs Karen Marsden Sank

CO-OPTEE: Mr David Lazarus


Mrs Maxine Boyd

Mrs Tracey Cohen

Mrs Shelly Friedman-Trope

Mrs Tamar Lazarus

Mr David Silverman

Rabbi Sam Thurgood

Mrs Hila Zetler


SAJBD Cape Council: Mr Rael Kaimowitz

BNOTH ZION WIZO: Mrs Janene Currie

UJC: Alison Katzeff


Mr Owen Futeran

Mr Errol Anstey

Mr Barney Singer