Anti – Israel stories in the Cape Times

The Editor

The Cape Times

Dear Sir

In three anti-Israel stories the Cape Times of today chose to feature (13 May 2015), each was filled with historical inaccuracies and hateful propaganda

Of all the countries that have come into existence in the last century, no country’s credentials are more legitimate than Israel’s. One of the reasons is that the men who founded the country, Herzl, Jabotinsky, Ben Gurion, Begin, Shamir were lawyers who had legal training. They were obsessed with making it legal. Unlike in almost every other country during the period, lawyers and not generals were the midwives to Israel’s birth, or rather rebirth, as it had existed as an independent country twice before in history.

Step by legal step Israel moved towards nationhood: from the Balfour declaration in 1917 to the San Remo agreement in 1920, to the League of Nations resolution in 1922, to the Anglo-American convention on Palestine in 1924, to the partition of land ordained by the United Nations in 1947, into a nation-state for the Jewish people and an Arab state in 1948. Yet immediately upon its lawful establishment as an independent state Israel was illegally attacked by all the surrounding Arab countries.

In defending its right to exist in that war Israel lost 6,373 (1%) of its population. Israel’s establishment is quite remarkable on many counts: There is no country in the world that is so surrounded by hostile states, Israel has always chosen the way of negotiation and peace rather than the way of the sword, every time that success seemed to be in the offing, it was the Palestinians who dashed the peace-cup to the floor.

Those of your readers to whom I have spoken, Jews and Christians, would appreciate it if the Cape Times would be more even-handed in its selection of commentators and would ask that its journalists do better and more professional research.


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