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Ashraf Kagee’s one-sided polemic against Israel ignores critical facts

In his polemic fingering Israel as jailers of the residents of Gaza (Cape Times May 3) Ashraf Kagee forgets that a longer border exists between Gaza and Egypt. It would be instructive to have his views about why the Egyptians also permit no access in and out of Gaza. Perhaps, like Israel, they see the danger of allowing terrorists to infiltrate their country and create death and mayhem. This focusing on self-imposed hardship on the people of Gaza represents a blind spot in commentators like Kagee.

Following the terror attacks in Brussels in which at least 30 people were murdered and hundreds were injured, the PA published in a post on Facebook that “the US and Europe are the ones who created international terror…and are therefore directly responsible for the terror that strikes it.”

This attitude remains self-defeating and only when Hamas, the PA and ISIS stop receiving encouragement for their recalcitrance, and emerge from their flirtation with hatred, conquest and child indoctrination, can they begin to move towards a vision of peace and prosperity.

There is, of course, no simple answer to suicide bombing, no magical solution, but the essence comes down to the realisation that the threat comes not from the demented individuals who commit the crimes, but from a network run by shrewd organisers who are not themselves suicidal. (You don’t see the leaders of groups like ISIS or Hamas wearing suicide vests; it’s rare to even see their children engaging in such acts.)

The real issue is the indoctrination of young children to perform the unnatural act of committing suicide and in the process taking the lives of innocents.

Let’s put one myth to bed: ISIS and Hamas has no political or religious agenda; it is about colonial domination under a man-made system of laws perverting the religion of Islam to suit their own dictatorial, imperial agenda. Hamas does not fire rockets to force a political process, they bomb to dominate. Hardships among their own are simply grist to their mill.

Hamas has penetrated democratic governments, the intelligentsia and liberal elites, controlling political correctness in order to breed a generation of apologists. Schools, universities, all levels of government officials, the media and influencers all willingly feed on their agenda, and a culture of indoctrination of the young prevails.

One question needs answering: what is more important, protecting freedom, cultural identity and the rule of law, or appeasing radicals? Make no mistake, this is not confined to Israel – this is a global problem.

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