Babies are not born with hate

Babies are not born with hate,

They crave not death but seek just love.

We owe to them a better fate,

To teach them love’s from God above.


Whence comes the deadly stick and stone

Hurled with venom at some child?

With naked hatred some old crone

Glares through eyes cold-set and wild?


From stick and stone come knife and gun,

Life is short, sold all too cheap.

Long gone the squeals of youthful fun.

A dreadful crop the killers reap.


Vile man o’erturns the Lord’s design,

He sows the seeds of Devil’s spawn.

And out of Satan’s concubine,

A calamity of hate is born.


But, Lo, observe, our Lord’s awake,

He sees us his design curtail.

Oh, selfish beings – ’tis time to quake,

His anger seethes at Man’s betrayal.

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