BDS inconsistency



While the BDS movement goes about its egregious business of targeting local businesses by claiming that they are supporting the Palestinians, it appears from the daily news emanating from the Middle East that the Palestinians themselves are not as negatively motivated.


All life is sacred to Israelis.  This week quick-acting Israeli border police on routine patrol in Hebron found a Palestinian Arab youth who had been electrocuted, was unconscious and had no pulse.  They saved his life, performing CPR until the emergency services arrived.


And with the constant life-threatening risk of an Ebola virus outbreak, Israel responded to a request by the Palestinian Authority for Ebola screening tools. They will help PA officials to diagnose the virus among those entering from Jordan and also into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah Crossing.  Israel has also sent six cargo containers of specialist equipment to set up portable field hospitals for treating Ebola victims in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.


Water is vital for sustaining life in Africa.  Israel is providing water solutions in Cameroon, Senegal and Ghana. Waterways, an Israeli company, recently signed an agreement with the Water and Sanitation Organisation of Africa, which links 36 African countries under its umbrella.


Israelis are also helping to save Kenyan wildlife by combating poaching by using Israeli dog-handlers, restoring  old Israeli planes and training wardens and pilots to detect and pursue poachers.


In the interest of consistency can we now expect BDS to boycott and demonstrate against all these countries that continue to trade and benefit from Israel’s expertise and humanitarian acts?

Rodney Mazinter

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