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BDS South Africa Aims To Destroy Israel

BDS Internationally

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) is nothing more than an attempt by an international organisation of antisemites to delegitimize and destroy the State of Israel. In the video above, Alan Dershowitz eloquently describes what BDS is, and how BDS attempts to destroy Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. As Dershowitz explains, “It has an innocuous name, but not an innocuous purpose”. He states that BDS’ purpose is to starve the Jewish state economically, socially and politically, and isolate it from the world stage. In so doing, BDS aims to destroy Israel as a Jewish state, and prevent Jews from living freely and democratically in their ancient homeland. In essence, BDS wishes to make Eretz Israel a land that is Judenfrei (German for “free of Jews”) in a similar vein to that of the policies of Nazi Germany.

BDS South Africa

BDS South Africa is the local offshoot of BDS International, and its aim is to use propaganda, lies and misrepresentation to manipulate as many South Africans as possible into believing that Israel is an “Apartheid'” state, and thereby has no legitimacy on the world stage. BDS South Africa has many tactics, which include boycotting local companies that sell Israeli products as well as influencing politicians and activists to support their cause. Often, BDS South Africa will deliberately and specific target a Jewish-owned company in South Africa, again with parallels to Nazi Germany. It will attempt to add credibility to its cause by using well-known public figures to speak for it, such as Terry Crawford-Browne, or to misquote world-famous leaders such as Nelson Mandela into making it appear he would have supported their cause (when he was a friend of certainly would have not). BDS South Africa also forms alliances with organisations that historically are anti-Israel, such as COSATU, as well as having its local leaders, such Mohammed Desai, run for positions within the ANC, to give it more power and influence over the South African political and cultural landscape.

Make no mistake, BDS South Africa has absolutely no interest in human rights, the banner under which it presents itself. It is not interested in local South African issues or tackling the South African issues of poverty, crime and discrimination within the local South African context. Nor is it interested in gross human rights abuses in African countries to the north, or those of the 22 Arab states in the Middle East, or China or Russia. Its sole purpose and object of attack is Israel and anyone who supports her. It wishes to make Israel a pariah state simply because Israel is proudly a Jewish state, with Jewish values and ideals, and a country that offers more protection and rights to minority ethnicities and races, including almost 2 million non-Jews than any other country in the Middle East.

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One Thought to “BDS South Africa Aims To Destroy Israel”

  1. Baby Shoes

    After what your people did to the Afrikaner/Boer people with the likes of Joe Slovo, Ruth First and Helen Suzman after they were one of the very few people who’d have any relations with your Ethno State.

    All of these murders and the misery these poor people are enduring are clearly on your shoulders. I do realize that you view all gentiles regardless of the genetic and racial differences as one mass of goyim. I know your Utopian dream is for all of us to be one large brown swill with low level intellectual capacity so you won’t have any challengers.

    Now I see this website pleading to get rid of the BDS boycott against. Well all I can tell you is that you had allies but it was better for your interests to eliminate Whites in Africa because……???? You could?

    I know when the jew is going to be judged at judgment day, I’ll be there to be there as one of the multiple witnesses against you.

    Shame on you all.

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