Cape Times Apologists For Terrorists

Only a day after we watched pundits and Western media commentators bend over backwards and do cartwheels to inform us the events in Sydney were only about one deranged individual, the mass murder of school children in Peshawar occurred. We were reassured that this was just the work of the Pakistani Taliban, never mind that these Taliban said this was only a “trailer” and that there was more to come.

No, these pundits, including the BDS, moved on to their more important work: badgering Israel. In this they are falling all over themselves to recognise a Palestinian state. In the UN Security Council and even America, having since the 1980s had hundreds of their own citizens slaughtered by these self-same Taliban, Hezbollah and Iran without reaction, have been in the forefront of apologists for the murderous intent aimed at the West.

Displaying great Alice In Woderland foreign policies, they might as well get it over with and hand their countries to the Taliban and ISIS. There are indeed tough times ahead for long established and proven Western Civilization. Should we be worrying about it? Are our children being adequately groomed to pick up the reins and continue along the road so painstakingly constructed by architects of our culture? After all they’re not teaching that stuff in our schools anymore, so nobody knows what it is.

Rodney J. Mazinter


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