Israel Centre Cape Town

The Israel Centre Cape Town is part of the Jewish Agency for Israel, encompassing the Aliyah Department and the educational wing of the Jewish Agency.

Our Mission is to encourage Aliyah to Israel by providing advice, direction and programmes for support to those who seek to relocate to Israel.

Making Aliyah to Israel is an integral part of the Zionist Dream, in realising the return of the Jewish people to their historic homeland. Aliyah reflects both the centrality of Israel for the Jewish People and our commitment to preserve the security and safety of the Jewish People wherever they may reside.

Aliyah to Israel is a religious, moral and national value. It is the key to the preservation of the Jewish Nation and contributes to the strengthening and building of the State of Israel.
Our educational Mission is to deepen the central and multi-faceted significance of Israel in connecting the next generation of young Jews to their Judaism, their people and their homeland.
The Israel Centre (Cape Town) accomplishes these two interrelated missions by providing a comprehensive Aliyah service and many educational opportunities like:

  • The Encounter Tour (a highly successful Israel Experience programme for Grade 11s)
  • MASA Gap Year Options
  • Naale (the final 3 years of High School in Israel as a pre-Aliyah option)
  • These facets are supported by various events throughout the year like the annual Aliyah Expo, the Higher Education Expo and informative and relevant Israeli experts who are brought out to South Africa periodically to communicate in their fields of expertise.

The Israel Centre (Cape Town) is run by Michal Ilan, Community Shlicha and Sharon, Aliyah and Events Co-ordinator.

Michal can be contacted on 021 464 6700, 082 855 6324 orĀ [email protected]

Sharon can be contacted on 021 464 6700 or [email protected]

Please visit our website at: Jewish Agency

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