Is religion still relevant?

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks’ speeches are right on point. And this one is no different. If we want to win through we can’t ignore these words. There is a world-wide war that those among us who are aware and not ignorant are trying to fight. Radicalism has brought so much violence and death to the world – all in the name of religion. As Rabbi Sacks says, “…in the name of the God of Love and peace and compassion.” 

God does not want us to kill innocent people. God does not want Muslims to go around slaughtering those who will not proclaim their allegiance to Islam. It is a sick distortion of the truth. Watch his speech to the House of Lords here:  

In similar vein, in this second video Sacha Baron Cohen explores the questions and reasons why, when we thought that after World War II we had finally moved towards peace and understanding among nations and peoples, we are having to deal with hatred, not least the world’s oldest hatred, antisemitism.

These are the answers we are looking for in our modern world that has bestowed upon us undreamed wonders of technology and communication abilities. 

This year Pesach and Easter coincide. At the Seder table we remember our flight for freedom from Egyptian oppression and Christians recall sacrifice made in the name of freedom and both draw heavily on Greek philosophy that describes how we can best govern ourselves. But how far have the moral precepts that sustained the world’s peoples over the millennia, that we learned from the scriptures that are the basis of our morality; how far have they taken us and then managed to survive the growth of modernity and scientific progress?

Watch the two videos; now that the Corona virus has given us time for introspection and thought let us harken to the message of our religions and shut our ears to the strident voices of the false prophets.

Rodney Mazinter

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