Islamic Terrorism – Abomination and Domination

Attack follows attack; atrocity after atrocity …. As ISIS celebrates the killing of another 23 people at the Bardo National Museum in Tunisia the world is once again exposed to Islamic terrorism – the number one global evil against humanity today.

While Islamic State claims responsibility and praises its “knights of the caliphate” for the killings, one must question the mentality of people who revere the ‘courage and bravery’ of people, who, armed to the hilt, attack unoffending, unprotected civilians, including children, and kill them. This must be the height of wicked and vicious religious insanity.

With the reality of ISIS barbarism and terrorist groups as they continue their rampage of slaughtering innocent victims, we once again need to extirpate the outrageous lies and brainwashing about Israel, often expressed and cloaked in anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Hamas is a terrorist organisation with the same ideology as ISIS. The Hamas charter states that it will annihilate Israel and commit genocide by killing all Jews. A network of tunnels into Israel, each costing over $1 million, stacked with weapons and armaments from Iran and other states, intended for a mass terror attack on Israel on the Jewish New Year in 2014, was meant to generate as many as ten thousand casualties (an attack five times as disastrous as 9/11.) Hamas has fired rockets on innocent civilians in Israel for years. It could have stopped the war in Gaza by ceasing its rocket fire. Instead, Hamas preferred to use Palestinians in Gaza not only as human shields, but to boost its outrageous propaganda.

Islamic terrorism is about treacherous, demented power. It is a fight between civilisation and barbarism; tolerance and oppression; democracy versus annihilation.

Standing alone against the plethora of terrorist attacks from Palestine and the hostile countries surrounding it, Israel (this miraculous sliver of land – a democracy which affords all its citizens equal rights and equal opportunity) has had to fight off the continuous plague of the ruthless and relentless terrorist attacks.

Yet the distortion of the truth and the levelling of outrageous lies in support of Hamas terrorism is supported by groups like BDS and other anti-Semitic groups throughout the world.

How blind, stupid and immoral is it to disseminate the unconscionable lies and distortions of Hamas who follow the same ideology as ISIS? – terrorists and ruthless killers, representative of the iniquity that presents itself to the world today.

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