Islamic Terrorism poses a threat to the whole civilised world

As their infamous blood-trail continues unabated across the world (no, they don’t even have to retaliate by being ‘outraged’ – i.e. freedom of expression), one can hardly say that public expressions of disgust, despair and detestation directed at terrorist atrocities and killing, have been done to death. On the contrary, what are witnessing might only be the infancy of this infamy.

Conspicuous by its absence in many of the local South African newspapers since the horrific happenings in France, has been any discourse regarding the abomination of terrorist atrocities. Described as a ‘similar ideology of crazily harsh Islamist laws and brutality against anyone who doesn’t obey them’, IS is now reported to be making grounds into Afghanistan. Much closer to home, Boko Haram – who have claimed responsibility for the killing of well over 2000 people in the past few weeks, have stated that the attacks done “as our Lord instructed us”, is just a taste of what is yet to come.

Whereas most religions, above all, abide by the tenet – “Though Shalt Not Kill’, Islamic terrorism has inverted this to “Thou Shalt Kill – irrespective of who it is – and in the most savage way.”

Just as conspicuous is the amount of space given to spokespeople and defenders of the Islamic religion reaffirming their condemnation of ‘Islamic extremism’ – and/but it is not representative of their religion. Followed by defence mechanisms, (excuses, explanations), what is sometimes also manifest, is ‘the best form of defence is attack’ i,e. blame and accusations as to why these maniacs commit these heinous unthinkable crimes: “Had they respected our culture” … “Had they not been treated like outsiders” etc.

There is much reaction and no responsibility.

In the prejudiced and duplicitous article “Let’s be fair about Freedom of Speech” by Fazilla Farouk, which appeared in Weekend Argus 17th January, her remark “To be sure, Islamic states do employ harsh measures to silence voices of dissent.” must surely be the understatement of the century!

Stating the obvious:
1. The name of this religion is Islam.
2. Terrorists commit their monstrous acts in the name of Islam.
3. IS stands for Islamic State.

So please forgive any normal person for thinking that they are in any way related.

Islamic terrorism poses a threat to the whole civilised world. If going on killing sprees, butchering and murdering innocent people who have nothing whatsoever to do with that that particular ideology, is being done in the name of this religion, Muslims should not only be condemning it, but standing in the forefront of eradicating from their ranks, the evil of those who use it to barbarically slaughter human beings.

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