Kissing the hand that kills

Leila Khaled, double airline hijacker, after her arrival in South Africa, has asserted that “she did not want to blow up the plane” with the two hand grenades she had in her hands during her second EL Al flight hijacking and that “The grenades were only to threaten.” She does not explain why she had already pulled the pins on both of them.

On the other hand, she condemns the actions of ISIS. When do abhorrence’s (like beheading, burying people alive, burning them to death or impaling them) make barbarities such as the abduction, rape and killing of young girls, shooting children in school, suicide bombing, driving planes into buildings (9/11), blowing up mosques, churches and synagogues, shopping malls and the random mass murder of innocent victims – and plane hijackings (as in her case) – more acceptable? Who sets the bar when it comes to terrorist atrocity? What gives Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Herzbollah etc. more licence? In other words, she condemns the actions of ISIS; yet defends those of Hamas – and herself.

With the horrors of terrorism manifesting across the world, one must question why the welcome mat and red carpet was put out for Leila Khaled?

By contrast, no welcome was extended to the Dalai Llama, a Nobel Peace prize winner! His visits to South Africa were blocked time after time with excuse after excuse.

Why is a woman like Leila Khaled, (according to a Home Affairs spokesman) not required to have a visa to visit South Africa, “as she is Jordanian”. Why does she not need a visa?! She freely admits that she stands for ‘violent resistance’. And although home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba and Ahmed Kathrada have sugar-coated her with the term ‘struggle icon’ or ‘freedom fighter’, she is what she is: a terrorist. She has been involved in acts of terrorism – with no regard for human life. Her purpose in South Africa is to blatantly support BDS anti-Semitism.

Of course, and conversely, the Dalai Llama does need a visa. Unlike Lela Khaled, he has never hijacked a plane – nor instigated, ruthless killing – nor would he!

For shame! … to play into the hands of terrorism – and at the same time, bow down and kiss the killer’s hands.

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