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Mr Maimane sees the reality of Israel for himself

South African Zionist Federation’s statement on Mmusi Maimane’s visit to Israel

The South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) would like to commend Mr. Mmusi Maimane the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) for his willingness to visit Israel.  We hope that Mr Maimane’s experience and engagement with leadership in the Middle East will give him the perspective he needs to help find solutions for lasting peace in the region.

The Jewish Community embraces this refreshing approach to dealing with the International community from a prominent South African leader. We look forward to more South African leaders following Mr Maimane’s example in engaging and visiting Israel in order to see the reality for themselves and the South African Zionist Federation looks forward to promoting and facilitating these “Fact Finding Missions” through our partners and affiliates.

Mr Maimane embodies true South African values of dialogue and engagement and has shown vision and courage in these times of great slander against of the State of Israel.

South Africa has a major role to play in peace building globally and it is reassuring to see young South African leaders not shirking from that responsibility but embracing it. We look forward to strengthened connections with Israel for a better future in South Africa.

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