The One State Solution

The one-state solution now being rehashed by Costa Gazi as a proposal for peace is nothing more than a ploy (Cape Times Letters, October 17 2014). It is designed to destroy the Jewish state of Israel and to substitute yet another Islamic Arab state, a premise not even accepted by the Palestinians. One state where Christians, Muslims and Jews can live side-by-side and with equality is a fallacy that cannot be achieved because the Arab and Islamic World wont and don’t practice it. Exactly where do Jews and Christians live in such equality today? In the Middle East this happens only in Israel.

While there are those who advocate a one-state solution as a means to destroy Israel, they are also aided by naive idealists. But, in a world where even Muslim ethnically mixed states such as Iraq and Syria have broken down in bloodshed, and Muslim states such as Saudi Arabia claim Muslim Arab exclusivity, why does the only Jewish state have to be the test case for a far-fetched utopian experiment? Why is Jewish self-determination in a state of their own illegitimate?

What has become apparent is that it is not “settlements” or “occupation”, but Arab refusal to revoke the three primary obstacles to finding a way forward that is the main stumbling block to peace. If Gazi is serious about caring for the Palestinians here is a fail-safe solution that will bring all parties to the negotiation table. The Palestinians must renounce:
1. Their indoctrination of their people, particularly children, to hate Israel and Jews.
2. The infamous 3-NOs: No Peace, No negotiation, No recognition of Israel.
3. Their adherence to the stupefying racist charter that calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews everywhere.

This is a very simple formula for success and peace.

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