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Open Letter To Minister Gigaba Re Leila Khaled

Dear Minister Gigaba,

The ACDP recently commended President Zuma on the ANC’s anti-terrorism stand and called on him to withdraw Leila Khaled’s visa – sadly to no avail.

A few weeks ago, Government joined the international community in condemning the terrorist murder of journalists in France and the President said the African continent and the world at large should work even harder to rid the world of terrorist activity and violence wherever it surfaces.

We could not understand, in light of this, how Khaled was granted a visa. Khaled’s activities – including hijacking innocent people on aircraft in the 70s, and other barbaric acts – are well known.

In welcoming her to our country you said South African freedom fighters were also once labelled as terrorists by some in the world. Hon Minister this is 2015 and terrorism is rife globally – your comments, intended or not, render the President’s recent statements on terrorism meaningless to the common interpretation.

Khaled is now in the country having been welcomed by you as part of your support for the Palestinians and she is giving inflammatory speeches encouraging young people to take up violence.

The ACDP believes supporting Khaled is not supporting the Palestinians – the Palestinian cause has also been hi-jacked by terrorists – and the Palestinians deserve better. As President Zuma said, “terrorism in every shape or form and from whichever quarter it comes is unacceptable.

Hon Minister the ACDP is calling on you to investigate Khaled’s speeches during her time in SA and to distance yourself and government from any inflammatory statements and incitement to violence and terrorist activity”.

Cheryllyn Dudley, MP/Whip ACDP.

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