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SA Government Welcomes Terrorists and Increases Antisemitism

Statement released by Darren Bergman, DA MP:

Durban University of Technology SRC called on the expulsion of Jews if they did not support Palestine. The DA condemns, in its strongest terms, all forms of hate speech in a Country where our new democracy tries to redress the cultural intolerance of our past.

We have educated people making uneducated statements that could lead to similar scenes that have played themselves out internationally. Government is leading by example by welcoming global terrorists rather than spiritual leaders. You cannot condemn Boko Haram and then in the next breath stand at an airport waiting to embrace people with the same credentials.

The climate of religious intolerance is rising for the wrong reasons. The University has an opportunity to teach Government on how best to ensure that the rights of individuals, to practice their own religion, are protected.

The DA calls on the University to make a strong condemnation of such statements and to swiftly and appropriately deal with any acts or statements that infringe on the rights of any student to practice their own religion peacefully and without prejudice or bias.

Darren Bergman

Member of Parliament (National Assembly)


This is the original statement by Mqondisi Duma, SRC Secretary, Durban University of Technology:

“As the SRC we had a meeting and analysed international politics. We took the decision that Jewish students, especially those who do not support the Palestinian struggle, should deregister.”

Picture below of Mqondisi Duma’s statement:


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