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SAZF Responds to Unacceptable Cape Times Editorial

On behalf of the South African Zionist Federation (Cape Council), I would like to express our deep disappointment with the Cape Times editorial which was published on the 13th of April which was entitle ‘A victory for the peace-loving’.

Clearly the authors of this editorial don’t understand the real implications of a potential deal with Iran – not just for the Middle East, but for the entire world. It seems that people have a short memory and forget that they are not dealing with ‘peace loving’ leaders. Instead we are faced with a dictatorial regime that was never elected in a democratic process that continuously suppresses any form of political opposition and that treats its women and non-Islamic population as second class citizens as well as openly funds international terrorist organisations. These ‘peace loving’ leaders that you extol, have threatened on numerous occasions to “wipe Israel off the face of the map”. Under whose definition would these actions be considered “peace loving”?

The ‘deal’ under consideration will not make the world safer. It will only serve to strengthen Iran’s economy and take it one step closer to acquiring nuclear weapons. And make no mistake; a nuclear Iran will make the world a far more dangerous place! It would allow Iran the ability to produce a nuclear bomb within a few months of it making such a decision – a frightening thought when it has publicly declared its intention to destroy other sovereign states. This threat has heightened fears amongst other Arab States and could also potentially trigger a massive nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

While your editorial gloats about the success that this agreement represents for the Iranian people, it could end up being a great “historic mistake” being reminiscent of former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s error of appeasement with the Nazis by promising “peace in our time” (Munich Agreement). Less than a year later, Germany started World War II. We know from history what happens when warning signs are ignored and peace agreements are rushed. We cannot afford to let it happen again. The consequences are far too dangerous.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasise that we find the publication of this editorial unacceptable and reflects a bias that we find deeply concerning. Its anti-Israel and anti-Jewish views – which our community has been detecting for a while now – were confirmed by the sentences; “it is a crushing defeat for the war-mongering Zionist generals” and in your cryptic concluding sentence ‘Can the long night of the generals be far off for Israel?’

We truly wish, that you as the editor of such an influential newspaper would reflect the nature of the “true Israel”, which is a peace loving democracy which has always pursued peace with the Arab world and its Palestinian neighbours. It’s just a shame that our neighbours’ leadership doesn’t share the same willingness to reach a peace agreement and instead promotes hate and worldwide anti-Israel propaganda which your gullible editorial espouses.

Kind regards,

Ben Levitas


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  1. Gilad Cohen

    Ben, nothing here left to speak than a muslim run government backed investment company that own 55% of the Independent. and own the Cape Argus, The Star etc etc etc etc

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