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Shielding Israel from local hate speech

SAZF Cape Council’s Ben Levitas responds to Media Review Network’s latest anti-Semitic torrent
Israel-hater Ayeesha J. Soni recently wrote an opinion piece for South Africa’s Mail and Guardian newspaper in which she compares Israel to Hitler. Herewith our response:
There is no nation more qualified to chair the United Nations “Sixth Legal Committee” than Israel.
Israel has the only independent judiciary in the Middle East and its jurists, which include Arabs, are acknowledged throughout the world.  For Soni – a medical doctor who should respect life – to compare Israel’s so called ‘crimes’ to Hitler is immoral, hurtful and atrocious. Soni doesn’t just criticise Israel – which she is entitled to do – she demonizes it, which is anti-Semitic.  In just one day, the Nazis killed more Jews, than were claimed in the last 100 years of Jewish/Arab conflict on both sides. Soni chooses to ignore the make-up of the members of the Human Rights Commission, which has been chaired by the world’s worst human rights abusers, and its fanatical obsession with Israel, which is singled out as the only country that is under permanent watch, attracting more than 60 percent of all its resolutions. Clearly because Soni is so fixated on demonizing Israel, she cannot acknowledge the bias. She also does not understand that UN resolutions are exactly that: they are non-binding unless agreed to by the Security Council and accepted by the nation state targeted. They are by no means International law. The resolutions emanating from the Human Rights Commission, are reflective of a club of bullies, that enjoy an automatic majority against an isolated Israel, and that agree to deflect attention from their own crimes, by projecting them onto a safe target that cannot retaliate. As a consequence, the real conflicts and human rights abusers have been let off the hook. There is Turkey, that has tormented the Kurds,a larger ethnic group than the Palestinians, also fighting for autonomy, proudly proclaiming the ever increasing numbers of Kurds it kills daily – already fivefold the numbers of Palestinians killed. Ignored are the daily victims of Sharia law – wherever it is applied – where women are stoned and killed for adultery, or even for being suspected of adultery; where religious minorities are discriminated against and killed for their beliefs; and where lesbians and gays are likewise killed. Ignored are the internal wars in Columbia, where nearly a quarter of a million people have been killed. Ignored are barbaric acts of the Islamists, who have pillaged the communities in which they operate from Nigeria, Somalia and Kenya to the Phillipines. These Islamist groups, threaten every advance to improve the quality of life, and represent the most real and pressing threat to our most basic human rights.
Soni – like the Media Review Network that she is Vice Chair of – has transgressed the bounds of rationality, revealing its true sinister, anti-Semitic and bigoted nature.
Read Honest Reporting‘s response to Soni’s article here.

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