Terry Crawford-Browne’s articles reflect anti-Israel attitudes

Terry Crawford-Browne’s articles reflect anti-Israel attitudes

Terry Crawford-Browne’s articles and letters generally reflect anti-Israel attitudes. Typical is his rant in the Cape Times (End of ‘error’ may be about to dawn.) He usually seems outraged to be accused of anti-Semitism, since in his mind he only savages that country and not Jews as such.

Yet his letters do incorporate ancient motifs of Jew-hatred. The assumptions behind his words flow directly from the intellectual sewage now poisoning the world’s attitudes towards Israel and the Middle East.

He has been known to portray Netanyahu as a psychopath wantonly spilling the blood of Palestinians reminiscent of the ancient anti-Semitic ‘blood libel’, which fuelled the medieval pogroms and is now regularly used to incite a demented hatred of Jews.

His style thus fuses anti-Semitic images and grotesque lies about Israel — an infernal cocktail which is now the mandatory accessory of the BDS campaign, even as this cocktail incites violence and mass murder across the Middle East.

As for his message, it is simply obscene to accuse Israelis of brutally murdering Palestinians. It is Palestinians who set out to murder Jews, something the security ‘wall’ – actually mostly a wire fence – aims to prevent. And in its military actions against Palestinian mass murderers, Israel goes to heroic lengths — unknown in any other country — to try to shield the innocent from harm.

So Crawford-Browne’s message is a Big Lie about Israel. It is these Big Lies reversing victim and aggressor in the Middle East that are so obscene. And the fusion of such bigotry against Israel with bigotry against Jews is characteristic of Israel-hatred, which does indeed represent a modern mutation of anti-Semitism.

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