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Young Kidnapped Israelis Found Murdered

The bodies of the three Israeli teenage boys kidnapped and murdered by Hamas more than 2 weeks ago in an act of horrendous brutality have been found near Hebron.

The SA Zionist Federation (Cape Council) affirms that there is not and cannot ever be any justification for an act so barbaric and heinous, carried out by one of the most violent terrorist groups in the world.  Governments declare and wage war on one another; terrorist groups nurture suicide bombers who blow themselves and their victims up indiscriminately; but the deliberate kidnapping, torture and murder of three innocent young boys defy understanding.

“They were young; they were boys; they were religious; they were Israelis; and they were Jewish.  For those reasons, Hamas decided that they should no longer live, but should instead be sacrificed in the most abominable manner to the ideology of those who would destroy a country, destroy a people and yet be lauded as potential peace-makers by so many governments and leaders” says Ben Levitas chairman of the Zionist Federation Cape Council.

Levitas adds “Will there ever come a time when the world will finally acknowledge how treacherous this terrorist group is, and understand what it is trying to do to Israel and the Jewish world?  How much longer must political correctness prevail, before the reality of Hamas and its policies spreads across the globe? It is imperative that the world acts now to prevent any more such odious happenings.”

The SA Zionist Federation (Cape Council) calls on all right-minded governments to condemn unequivocally the kidnapping and murder of Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali; and to recognise the evil and iniquity that is Hamas. They can no longer continue to believe that Hamas wants peace. They must realise that unless they take steps to prevent more of the same, this loathsome group will continue its devilish reign of terror.

Local Jewish authorities and indeed the entire Jewish community of South Africa, grieve with and mourn for the families of the three young boys who, instead of being able to look forward to their futures, have been cut down in their prime by this monstrous and inhuman act.

SA Zionist Federation (Cape Council)

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