The members of Habonim Dror Southern Africa confidently strive to:

  • be independent, critical, creative and tolerant in their thinking.
  • be people of conviction and action.
  • be self disciplined and lead by example in all decisions.
  • respect and tolerate all people, provided that their practices do
  • not harm others.
  • promote an equal, democratic and just society.
  • recognise our South African identity and responsibility in
  • furthering a free, equal and democratic South Africa.
  • value and respect nature.
  • serve their chaverim and their communities identify with their Jewish heritage, and create an environment rich in Jewish morals, culture and tradition.
  • pursue knowledge and educate in all spheres, focusing on Israel, Judaism and the Hebrew language.
  • improve and build the state of Israel through a shared and committed vision.


Netzer South Africa: “Nilmad v’na’aseh’”– We will learn and we will do! Netzer South Africa is a Reform, Zionist Youth movement. Our ideology consists of 5 main ‘pillars’, by which we structure our movement. These pillars, and their explanations, are as follows:

  • Progressive Judaism: Learning and praying together in order to make informed decisions about the way in which we choose to lead a Jewish life, focussing on making Judaism applicable and meaningful in a modern setting and incorporating ideals and values of gender equality and acceptance among all faiths.
    Reform Zionism: The belief in the right of the state of Israel to exist, and the right of the Jewish people to have a homeland; the belief that we have a purpose to help support the growth of
  • Reform communities within and outside of Israel, and that if one chooses to make Aliyah, the journey cannot stop there. It is a belief in ongoing, critical and questioning support for Israel, in order to make it a better place and a better land for the Jewish people.
  • Tikkun Olam: The ideal of ‘repairing the world’, starting with oneself and working one’s way to the broader community, country, and eventually the entire world. We believe it is our duty as Jews, and simply as human beings, to play a part in bringing about a better and more peaceful, ‘repaired’ world.
  • Youth Empowerment: We support the youth leading the youth. The leadership of Netzer is made up of committed and passionate young people, helping other youths grow and become stronger in themselves, and in their communities
  • South Africa: We focus on current issues in our country, aiming to help and improve South Africa wherever we can.

By using our ideology to guide us, we empower the Progressive Jewish youth and help them develop their Jewish identities and a connection with Israel, as well as become active members of our wonderful South African society who are striving for peace and justice.

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To contact a member of the Mazkirut [leadership body] of 2012, contact Sivan Zeffertt, National Mazkirah [chairperson], and she will gladly direct you to the correct member, and pass on the contact details of that member:

[email protected]


Bnei Akiva

Bnei Akiva South Africa – The movement where the sun never stops shining! With around 2000 people involved in one of our numerous programs throughout the year (SA and Israel), the fun just never stops at Bnei!

Bnei SA is a branch of the World Bnei Akiva youth movement that has branches in 37 countries with over 125 000 people involved worldwide! Bnei SA has centres in Jo’burg, Cape Town and Durban where weekly activities take place and where our dedicated madrichim have lots and lots of fun with our chanichim and educate them in an informal and enjoyable way about topics like Torah, Israel and Am Yisrael.

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The South African Union of Jewish Students is a non-profit organisation established to represent all Jewish Students at tertiary educational institutions throughout the country.

SAUJS aims to instill in our diverse members the ideals of our three pillars: Zionism, Jewish Identity and South Africa.

Our mission is to unite Jewish Students throughout South Africa, promote Jewish Identity, support the needs and interests of all Jewish Students, foster a positive relationship with Israel and create and promote programmes that seek to involve Students within the South African community.

SAUJS offers a variety of social events for students, such as parties, Shabbatonim, National Seminar, Onegei Shabbatot, and the Birthright Israel Tour.

We have community projects, Zionist exhibitions and aim to educate Jewish Students on their heritage and culture.